Yoga Benefits Body Mind and Spirit

Beautiful nice looking girl practicing yoga poses

Roots of yoga run deep. When researching yoga history, it was determined the ancient practice originated in India and dates back more than 5,000 years. The term, yoga, originated from the Sanskrit word yuj meaning “to yoke”.  The intention of yoga is to yoke – to unite or balance – body, mind and Spirit. Correct yoga poses or asanas restore balance.

One of the greatest yoga benefits is releasing tension and stress, which accumulates in the physical body. This natural therapy only requires a quiet place where you can practice breathing, stretching and meditation. Read More…

Sample Healing Meditation for Beginners

meditationSample Healing Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is all about listening – not just listening with the ear, but listening with the soul – not just listening to sound, but listening to the silent language of Divine Inspiration.

The benefits of meditation are priceless. Healing meditation helps overcome depression, banish physical fatigue, improve mental function, promote relaxation, boosts immunity, lower blood pressure and even prolong life. Read More…

EFT Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

eftEmotional Freedom Technique a.k.a. EFT tapping is the modern, emotional counterpart of the ancient principles of acupressure. EFT therapy is so easy, a child can do it. Even pregnant women can embrace its non-invasive methods.

What is the Basis of EFT Therapy?
Energy flows through the body via an intricate system of channels. The Chinese ancients found 100 meridian points in the body and learned that when they stimulated certain energy points, the body immediately began its healing process. Read More…

EFT – How to Tap with Nick Ortner

Healing Demonstration Reiki Treatment Session

The Philosophy and Practice of Reiki Healing

reiki healingIf you’re not familiar with Reiki healing or even the word Reiki, it’s probably because it’s derived from two Japanese words. The first is “Rei”;meaning spirit, higher intelligence or universal wisdom and the second is “Ki” meaning energy. It is the passing on of energy from one person to another.

Ki energy isn’t an actual physical energy, although it does affect your physical being. Read More…

Energy Healing … 3 Key Tips You Can Use Right Now

Law of Attraction Tips to Get You Started

Law of AttractionIf you’re looking for three easy Law of Attraction tips to start the magic rolling in your life, you’ll want to keep reading. What if I told you that all you had to do to start experiencing the Law of Attraction was to feel grateful, happy and dream about what you want? Sounds too easy to work, right?

Feeling Gratitude For Your Life

If you haven’t experienced the amazing ways gratitude can change your life, then you’re in for a real treat. The universe wants us to be thankful for everything and rewards us with what we want.

So when you open your eyes first thing in the morning, say thank you three times for the bed you slept in and that you had a good night’s sleep. Continue by saying thank you in advance for the wonderful day you will have. Be specific about the things you would like to happen in your day. As you go about your day thank the universe for everything you encounter: your home, your car, your job, your food, etc. Make it a mantra in your head.

You can actually change how future events occur by ‘thanking in advance’ for what you want to happen. I use this a lot when I go shopping at Walmart because busy stores stress me out. So I thank in advance that I’ll find great parking, that nobody gets in my way so I can shop easily, that I don’t have to stand in a long line-up at the checkout counter and that I leave feeling like it was a wonderful shopping experience. Read More…